esCAD Kaizen Master | PCB Mounting Assist Tool | Advantages

Kaizen Master

Merit & Benefit

1. Low Price

Kaizen Master is specialized in just really essential function then the price could be low for customers to introduce very easily by yearly subscription.

2. Various Useful Function

Kaizen Master is equipped basic function essential for PCB mounting arrangement while inexpensive. Kaizen Master is really practical application tool for daily work.

Primary Function

  • Setting mounting category (for each component name or each reference)
  • Creating mount drawing
  • Creating work drawing of post-mounting
  • Searching component name, reference or mounting position of component mutually.
  • Mount Navigating for worker's PC of post-mounting (Indication output)
  • Editing Z-axis
  • Exporting kinds of necessary document

3. Operation with data acquired simply

Kaizen Master requires only easily available data for its all function to operate without imposing any labor on the client or board designer.

Necessary data for operation

  • Component data - Kaizen Master can deal with any format.

At least one data among the following items

  • Coordinate data
  • Silkscreen data (Gerber data)
  • Board Picture data (JPEG, etc.)

Kaizen Master can operate with a component data and at least one data. (Kaizen Master can operate more efficiently and quickly with all such data.)

(e.g.) In case of a component list and board picture data prepared
1. Create component's frames on desired position of board picture displayed.
2. Acquire the coordinate data of each reference with the function of "Create coordinate data".
3. Register the created component's frames to the library then such frames are registerd with corresponded component names.
4. Such coordinate data and component frames' data (library) which have been created or registered can be available for next time and later.

4. Fully equipped with useful functions and devices

If use of the tool acquires special knowledge, training or assigning the predecessor, we cannot declare such tool is practical.
Kaizen Master has been developed to focus on capable to be handled with only basic knowledge about PCB mounting.
Also equipped various supporting function for improving work efficiency with excellent usability.

5. Our prompt support

It is important for customers to acquire prompt support because Kaizen Master is a practical tool for daily work.
Electro-System Co., Ltd., the developer promises to handle customers' inquiry by email immediately.

Example of useful function

Wizard for registration of component list and coordinate data

Available for various forms of component list and coordinate data with the wizard for data registration. (Once the form imported, it can be saved as a template.)
Besides, it is further easy to register component list or coordinate data edited according to Kaizen Master's form.

Window of wizard for data registration

Window of wizard for data registration

Automatic Creation of component's outline

Create component outline displayed in the mount drawing or work drawing of post-mounting by silkscreen data automatically.
It achieves to reduce a lot of working time comparing with manual setting.
(In case of some silkscreen data a manual adjustment may be needed.)

Example of component's outline drawn automatically

Example of component's outline

Switch the background picture

Available to switch a background of mount drawing according to the board property or worker's choice.
(Picture file scanned by scanner, etc. is required for setting board picture to background.)

Example in case of silkscreen to be the background

silkscreen to be the background

Example in case of board picture to be the background

board picture to be the background

Setting of mount category based on component name or reference

Available to set mounting category while switching between each component name and each reference.
(Display component name and its number of mounting in the mode of each component name and display reference names and its number of mounting in the mode of each reference.

Example in case of each component name and each reference

each component name each reference

Example of displaying warning

Available to display comment or warning in the mount drawing or PC display. Such statement for worker deducts simple mistake and improves quality.

Example of displaying warning

Example of displaying warning

Display of No.1 pin and polarity

Available to display No.1 pin mark or polarity mark in the mount drawing or PC display.
Available to set collectively No.1 pin mark or polarity mark to all same name components.
(By collective setting it is located at correct position automatically according to each direction.)

Example of No.1 pin display

Example of No.1 pin display

Other useful function

Equipped with other various useful function and device.

Example of other useful function

  1. Switching a display between view and hide for each work category.
  2. Scaling up & down the view of board drawing by scroll button.
  3. Moving the position of board drawing view by mouse operation.
  4. Displaying general board drawing useful for the time to enlarge board drawing view.
  5. Displaying face side or back side useful at searching a mount position of component.
  6. Correcting gap of imported board picture.
  7. Correcting direction of board picture.
  8. Adjusting component's outline manually.
  9. Adjusting color, width and paintout of component outline.