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Kaizen Master

What is "Kaizen Master"?

"Kaizen Master" is an application tool to automatically and effectively create a mount drawing and a work drawing for post-mounting or search a mounted position of each component on your personal computer which have conventionally relied on manual operation.

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"Kaizen Master" has been developed based on being capable of its operation with acquiring only general knowledge about PCB mounting. Besides, "Kaizen Master" has various function to improve work efficiency with high usability.

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The price of "Kaizen Master" is low even though it has all basic and essential function for PCB mounting arrangement. "Kaizen Master" is an real practical application tool for your daily work.

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■ What is "Kaizen Master"?

Kaizen Master is an excellent application tool which is automatically and effectively able to create mount drawing or search the position of each component mounted which has conventionally relied on manual operation. Also, Kaizen Master has the function of navigation for post-mounting work to assist hand soldering or mounting.


Example of mount drawing created by Kaizen Master

An example of mount drawing created by the function of creating mount drawing which is basic one of Kaizen Master.
It is easy and fast for Kaizen Master to create such drawing or a drawing for post-mounting. (Please refer to the other function in the page of Function & Specification.)


In this example a board picture is used for background and all the way of mounting are distinguished with specified colors.

Only simple data is acquired for operation.

Kaizen Master is really practical tool which can be used by anyone.
All function can be used with the data which can be acquired very easily in the environment of PCB design or mounting.
Simple operation of Kaizen Master does not request special knowledge of operating PC.
Kaizen Master can operate with merely a component list and at least one data selected among coordinate data, silkscreen data and board picture data as follows. (If all the data can be prepared, Kaizen Master can operate more effectively.)
Kaizen Master has the function which can accept any format of component list.


Background of development of Kaizen Master

Based on a experience and know-how of Mr.Onodera who has been in charge of mounting arrangement for a long time, Electro-System Co., Ltd. which has a lot of achievement in system development or board design has developed Kaizen Master.

Basic view of Kaizen Master

The area of process edit where mounting setting is done for each component name or reference is shown in the left side of display.
The board drawing which reflects the result of setting each mounting condition is shown in the area of board picture display, the right side of display.


Improvement by introducing Kaizen Master

Kaizen Master can drastically reduce the man-hours to create mount drawing or work drawing of post-mounting.
Besides, it can deduct human mistake caused by detailed hand work then improve the quality of mounting.


System Requirements



Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read pdf file of the manual or user's guide.

If a data of .xls format is edited for registration, Microsoft Excel (2003 or newer) is required.


The charging system is set as yearly subscription in order to be easy for customers to introduce Kaizen Master. Please inquire of us the price for one year. In addition the version of only Assy mode (restricted function) can also be on sale in case of purchasing it as the second or more.